We got this wonderful letter from a happy parent, and we are thrilled to share it with you here.




I can’t thank you enough for the life lesson your Money Mammals has taught my daughter. I purchased your Money Mammals set when she was 5, meaning for it to be just a fun toy. Since then, your jars have led to the development of a saving-sharing-spending-responsible-minded girl. I can’t thank you enough. 


When I was growing up, it was all about saving and more saving, saving for a rainy day, where I rarely had a chance to exercise the joy of spending. Now with my daughter, she’s  empowered, confident in making her own money management choices. THAT, came from your jars – the concrete, physical jars that kids can hold and jingle-jangle, cleverly transparent so the contents can be viewed. Your jars taught the important value of always being in the “balance”. 


Nowadays among her peers, my daughter is self assured when she goes shopping. While her friends toil over “should I spend my money or not?”, my daughter just has to decide WHAT to spend her money on, totally liberated from the consequences of “what if I spend too much?”  She’s a smart shopper, disciplined in keeping within her means, patient in building up to procuring something “bigger”, and simply HAPPY with her spending/saving/sharing choices. All that from a few plastic jars, and I think it came with a stuffie.


For allowance, my teen daughter now gets $1.00 a day. Sorry John, no more fun jars – she now carries a wallet. Your Breakthrough Allowance is her next step – thank you for that. 


She’s also interested in investments. Though it’s a tricky discipline to teach, I think it’s important to experience the joys and pitfalls now, so that she doesn’t go in blind later on in life with bigger money with more serious consequences. This sentiment is not just with me, but quite common with my group of friend-parents-of-teens.


So, from a fan of your jars, my daughter and I thank you very , very much. Please keep up the good work and spread the good news


Atsuko K.