Joe the Monkey and Friends Learn About Spending Smart

The last in “Share & Save & Spend Smart” trilogy

is available April 1st. No foolin’!


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Elementary and Preschool age kids learn the importance of Spending Smart in the third and final installment of John Lanza’s “Share & Save & Spend Smart” picture book trilogy.

In this latest book, Joe the Monkey’s friends are spending all their money on “Stuff.” Joe’s vine swinging pals are choosing cheap vines that might cause Joe’s beloved Vine store to go out of business. Can Joe help them all learn a valuable lesson in Spending Smart before it’s too late? In this final installment of the “Share & Save & Spend Smart” trilogy that includes the Dr. Toy Awards winners “Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal” and “Joe the Monkey Learns to Share,” children learn that spending smart doesn’t always mean spending less. They also learn about the importance of local business, discretionary spending and smart consumer behavior. Teachers and parents can take advantage of a free, downloadable companion Teaching Guide for the book with lessons, activities and questions for discussion.



Get the Book for $5.99

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