Public Television — A Great Credit Union Marketing Tool

One of the best parts of my job is when I get to work with our credit union kids club partners on creative projects. I work closely with Service Credit Union on several of these. They put a lot of thought and marketing power into attracting new Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club members, which is fantastic. They’re also very passionate about spreading financial education for kids messaging in the process. One of my favorite collaborations with them are the tv spots we create for New Hampshire Public Television. We’ve been doing these with Service Credit Union for years, and the content is fantastic. Here’s one we did this summer: 



Using Public Television to Market Your Credit Union


We’re also able to re-broadcast spots that are more evergreen year-after-year, which is great for Service Credit Union’s budget. Here’s a back-to-school spot airing now on NHPTV that we produced a few years’ back:



Utilizing public television is a great credit union marketing tool to reach kids in a safe environment, which we like. Public TV, much like the credit union movement , was created to offer a positive experience for those who enjoy it. They have strict content guidelines — they want the messaging to be fun and educational in nature. We work with Service Credit Union to use this media space to talk about the core fundamentals of saving, sharing and spending smart. We always have a call-to-action at the end of each spot so kids know there are youth accounts available for them at Service Credit Union.


Everyone wins with this credit union marketing project. Service attracts new young members, we have an opportunity to share our financial literacy for kids messages and NHPTV can offer kids fun spots filled with great educational content. 


Have you ever run TV spots for your credit union kids club?


If so, I’d love to hear what your campaign did for you. Interested in learning more about how a TV spot could work within your credit union marketing program? Get in touch with us here .


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