The Money Mammals’ award-winning suite of financial literacy products teaches kids money smarts!

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Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal (Picture Book)
Look Inside (Amazon)

Joe the Monkey
Learns to Share 
(Picture Book)

The Money Mammals financial education for kids picture book
Joe the Monkey and Friends
Learn About Spending Smart
(Picture Book)

financial education for kids free mobile app
Save For A Goal App

The Money Mammals Save for a Goal is a fun way to introduce kids to the importance of earning money with a goal in mind.


free children's financial education appCurrency Challenge App

The Money Mammals Currency Challenge tests your reflexes and your money smarts. Do you know your dollars and cents? Find out here.


youth financial education free mobile appNeeds vs. Wants App

Help Joe the Monkey figure out the differences between Needs vs Wants — an essential skill pre- and early elementary school children.


free financial education for kids mobile appVargas’ Money Drop App

Vargas the Vulture is dropping his money all over the place in Money Drop. Help the Money Mammals collect the money in the three jars — Share, Save & Spend Smart.






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