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John Lanza, creator of The Money Mammals financial education program for kids and author of the “Share & Save & Spend Smart” picture book trilogy, leverages more than a decade of experience in the money-smart movement to bring you his newest book, The Art of Allowance.


The Art of Allowance was written by John to help parents like you raise money-smart, money-empowered kids. Click here to learn more.



3 Quick Tips to Start Raising Money-Smart Kids

  Here are three practical, simple tips you can use to get your kids started on the road to money-smart learning. Because you know they’ll buy veggies if you give…


The Importance of Doing Something Different

  I recently opened a new account with First Entertainment Federal Credit Union out here in Los Angeles. I didn’t do this because they were offering me the best loan…

The Money Mammals Create Mobile App + Win Awards

  The Money Mammals have created a mobile app and have been busy winning awards these days. Read the full release.  


MoneyBuddy’s 2014 Award Winner

    I’m very excited to announce that we are the MoneyBuddy 2014 “Best Money Saving Blog For Kids” award winner!  Click here for more.  


Longer-Term Savings and the Save Jar

  I just had a nice conversation with a friend who is implementing the Share, Save & Spend Smart Money Mammals allowance system for his six- and eight-year-old kids. You…

Site Launch

Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready, and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have…


Take Five Short Minutes to Set Up an Allowance System

  I always liked the idea of KISS (You know, Keep It Simple, Stupid.), but I never liked what the last “S” stood for. Referring to yourself or anyone else…

Money Mammals TV Spreecast with Joline Godfrey

  For my first Money Mammals TV Spreecast, I had the honor of chatting with Joline Godfrey, author of the newly revised Raising Financially Fit Kids and founder of Independent Means.  …

Of Marshmallows and Money

  By now we’ve all heard of the Marshmallow Study by Walter Mischel. You know, the one in which kids who could resist a marshmallow for a period of time would…

Mini iPads and Money Mistakes

  One of the key tenets of our approach to helping kids get money-smart is that allowing them to make small purchasing mistakes is just a part of the process.…