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Research Supports Financial Education for Kids!


“A large body of evidence demonstrates the importance of parent-child interaction on children’s financial development.” – The Journal of Consumer Affairs, Spring 2015




I want The Money Mammals at my Credit Union!

The Money Mammals make financial literacy for kids fun.


We bring engaging educational content to life to help provide financial literacy for kids. Many parents today are looking for a solution to help their kids become money smart. For over a decade, we have been providing teachers, volunteers and parents just like you with engaging materials such as books, videos, apps and even a comprehensive kit to help your kids and family become more financially savvy.


I want The Money Mammals at my Credit Union!

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What People Are Saying:

“What a great idea! Money Mammals fills a gaping void in children’s educational videos by teaching the value of money. In today’s society where debt is an epidemic, the Money Mammal message to children to “share, save, and spend smart too,” may just be a catalyst for change.”

— Amy N., Colorado


 “The family LOVES the DVD. The little ones dance to the music. Teagan’s really into the story. I can’t wait to make up his bank. I’m definitely spreading the word. And your DVD will become my new signature birthday gift!”

— Melissa D., California


“The way the video handles the concept of choice has helped my 5-year-old Stephen, even outside of financial issues. During dinner last night, he said, “I’m going to make a choice to eat the rest of my dinner, so I can have dessert… just like the Money Mammals do!” Thank you Money Mammals!”

— Ann S., Rhode Island


“There is an enormous amount of money management materials for grades 4 through 12, but very little for younger children. The Money Mammals DVD is a wonderful resource for teachers, parents and those that teach and promote financial knowledge to our youth.”

— Kerrie D., Oregon


Letter from a happy parent:

“I can’t thank you enough for the life lesson your Money Mammals has taught my daughter. I purchased your Money Mammals set when she was 5, meaning for it to be just a fun toy. Since then…” (click to read more)


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I want The Money Mammals at my Credit Union!