Credit Union Youth Month: Getting Kids Involved

April will be here before we know it, and with it comes CUNA’s Credit Union Youth Month. I’ve spent a lot of time this year asking our Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club youth account partners about their successes (or failures) with Credit Union Youth Months of past years.


Marketing the Credit Union Youth Month Message

Several of the credit union marketers I work with shared a similar response. In short, kids (and parents) haven’t really understood what Credit Union Youth Month means for them. A lot of our partners admitted that they got so excited about the annual theme and collateral that they missed starting at the beginning with the overall message of the event. Credit Union Youth Month exists to get kids and their families excited as members of a credit union youth account program. It’s meant to celebrate kids and educate them on sharing, saving and spending smart. It would be great for all of us credit union marketers to take a step back and start with the basics before we get too far gone with this year’s theme. Trust me — I include myself here!


“The Science of Saving”: The Credit Union Youth Month Theme for 2018

My point above is not to say I think anyone should avoid the theme or not market against it. This year CUNA came up with “The Science of Saving,” and all of us at The Money Mammals think it’s great! Let’s embrace it and really drive home the reasoning behind it. Think about how “The Science of Saving” translates for your marketing efforts and, more importantly, to your young members this April. Don’t just put up the cute posters and call it a day!


Taking a Cue from SECNY

One of our partners in Upstate New York — SECNY — is doing a fantastic event that does just that this April, which they’ll host each month of the year moving forward. Titled “$aving Cents Saturday,” youth account members can come in to use the credit union’s coin machine when they cash in their saved up coins. When young members deposit their money into their Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club account, they’ll receive double stamps on their rewards card. To add a very fun theme-related spin to the day, kids will also receive a special prize — “test tubes” that can hold approximately 100 dimes — to encourage children to start saving for the following month. I think this is such a briliant way to bring everything full-circle. Kids are invited in-branch to make a deposit and are introduced to the concept of saving in the future while they’re there.


What do you have planned to celebrate Youth Month at your credit union? I’d love to hear from you! 

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