10 Credit Union Marketing Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week


We’re in classrooms all the time with our credit union marketing partners and on our own with our picture books, DVD and curriculum. With the PTA’s Teacher Appreciation Week coming May 8-12, we wanted to share ten easy ideas that you can implement to make the educators in your community feel special and, yep — appreciated!   1. Picture Book Donation […]

Financial Education for Very Young Kids – Emergent Financial Literacy

boy reading literacy - pexels-photo-256548

  For some reason, I used to ask my seven-month-old “Who’s the Champion?” I’d raise her fists like Rocky Balboa. I’d do it once or twice a week for my own entertainment. Then, around her first birthday, I asked her, “Who’s the Champion.” Without hesitation, she raised her arms to the sky.    Kids are […]

Financial Education for Kids – We’re Making a Choice

making a choice

  Whether we decide to pursue teaching our kids to be money-smart from a young age or not, we’re making a choice.   If we decide not to actively teach our children financial education, then friends, advertisers and teachers will pick up the slack. In some cases, the first and last of these can be helpful, but we can’t be […]