Financial Education for Very Young Kids – Emergent Financial Literacy

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  For some reason, I used to ask my seven-month-old “Who’s the Champion?” I’d raise her fists like Rocky Balboa. I’d do it once or twice a week for my own entertainment. Then, around her first birthday, I asked her, “Who’s the Champion.” Without hesitation, she raised her arms to the sky.    Kids are […]

3 money-smart skills you should teach your child earlier than you might think

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  Start financial literacy lessons early — and I don’t mean as a Freshman in high school. Research suggests you should teach kids to be wary of consumer products and spending from a very young age — early elementary or even preschool.   “Parents’ influence on their children’s understanding of money management begins early…before they […]

Financial Literacy for Kids: What to Do for Your Kids at Every Age (From 2- to 12-year-olds and Beyond)


    “Let me please introduce myself. I’m a man of wealth and taste.”   I am listening to the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil” as I craft this post. Over and over again, in fact. I’m reasonably sure that I heard about this form of concentration strategy on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, but I […]

Financial Education for Kids: 3 FAQ’s that Might Pique Your Interest


  I gave a talk last night to a terrific group of parents at an area school. I really liked a few of the questions they raised as they illuminated some interesting points, and I felt it warranted a post. Think of this as a kind of informal FAQ.   “My child won’t spend anything. How should […]

A Strategy to Minimize Impulse Purchases


  “Delaying consumption does not drive people to unmitigated self-denial. Rather, it drives them to maximize their happiness, whatever form that takes.” from Happy Money   Two big themes in this blog, delaying consumption and happiness, are inextricably tied. As Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton note in their terrific book, Happy Money, research has shown that […]