How an Allowance Can Prevent Your Teenager from Breaking an iPhone – AGAIN!


How an Allowance Can Prevent Your Teenager from Breaking an iPhone – AGAIN!   What makes a great neighborhood party guest? The neighbor with the scoop on local gossip? A foodie willing to share the best new restaurant? A fellah with thoughts on how to keep kids from busting their pricey smartphones? Beyonce?   Although […]

3 money-smart skills you should teach your child earlier than you might think

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  Start financial literacy lessons early — and I don’t mean as a Freshman in high school. Research suggests you should teach kids to be wary of consumer products and spending from a very young age — early elementary or even preschool.   “Parents’ influence on their children’s understanding of money management begins early…before they […]

New App Introduces Kids to The Money Mammals Fundamentals: Financial Literacy Concepts that Every Child Should Learn


One of my daughter’s first savings goals was for a Razor scooter. I remember walking with her to make that purchase almost seven years ago now. She was initially distracted by the Dora the Explorer version of the scooter, which gave us a chance to talk about product quality (i.e.: Dora’s image and branding didn’t necessarily equate […]

Financial Literacy for Kids: What to Do for Your Kids at Every Age (From 2- to 12-year-olds and Beyond)


    “Let me please introduce myself. I’m a man of wealth and taste.”   I am listening to the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil” as I craft this post. Over and over again, in fact. I’m reasonably sure that I heard about this form of concentration strategy on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, but I […]