New App Introduces Kids to The Money Mammals Fundamentals: Financial Literacy Concepts that Every Child Should Learn


One of my daughter’s first savings goals was for a Razor scooter. I remember walking with her to make that purchase almost seven years ago now. She was initially distracted by the Dora the Explorer version of the scooter, which gave us a chance to talk about product quality (i.e.: Dora’s image and branding didn’t necessarily equate […]

4 Easy Ways the Money Mammals Financial Literacy Apps and More Can Teach Your Kids – Or Even Your Students – About Money Smarts and Make Financial Literacy for Kids Fun


  My goal from the start of this journey has been to help parents raise a generation of money-smart kids. We’ve strived to make money-smart learning as fun as possible for kids to get them interested and excited about the topic. Remember, they’re already being taught that spending is fun by the time they are […]

4 Very Effective Banking Activities for Kids to Help Build Money-Smart Habits

4 Very Effective Banking Activities for Kids to Help Build Money Smart Habits

    I am prepping for our Ticket to Save Tour of New Hampshire public schools with our Money Mammals troupe. It’s sponsored by Service Credit Union, one of our terrific partners. Our live shows bring kids face-to-face with The Money Mammals and help get them excited about financial literacy. That’s right, the shows actually get kids EXCITED about becoming money-smart. This made me […]

My Interview with Mint about Financial Education for Kids

My Interview with Mint about Financial Education for Kids

  I love and use Mint, so when they contacted me about doing an interview to talk about financial education for kids, I was very excited. I’m so glad that they chose to shine a light on such an important subject, one in which I’m totally immersed. Below is the beginning of the article with a link to […]

6 Banking Activities for Kids: Making Financial Literacy Fun


      From games to $mart Quests to printables, we are constantly creating Money Mammal-themed banking activities for kids.  These entertain and engage children early (elementary school or before) with topics aimed to provide financial education for kids. I think we’re long past the idea that kids are going to read long lines of text on a […]