Financial Education for Kids – Intensity Not Required

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I was chatting with a friend today. She said, “I know you’re intense about your allowance, but…” I stopped her. “We’re actually not all that intense.” (Cue my kids rolling their eyes.) Why? Because we’re parents and with lives. Financial education for our kids is obviously important for our kids. But like any parents, we […]

How an Allowance Can Prevent Your Teenager from Breaking an iPhone – AGAIN!


How an Allowance Can Prevent Your Teenager from Breaking an iPhone – AGAIN!   What makes a great neighborhood party guest? The neighbor with the scoop on local gossip? A foodie willing to share the best new restaurant? A fellah with thoughts on how to keep kids from busting their pricey smartphones? Beyonce?   Although […]

3 money-smart skills you should teach your child earlier than you might think

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  Start financial literacy lessons early — and I don’t mean as a Freshman in high school.   “Parents’ influence on their children’s understanding of money management begins early…before they even start school.”*    If you’re a parent, your child will invariably show interest in money before you drop them off for their first day […]

Financial Literacy for Kids: What to Do for Your Kids at Every Age (From 2- to 12-year-olds and Beyond)


    “Let me please introduce myself. I’m a man of wealth and taste.”   I am listening to the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil” as I craft this post. Over and over again, in fact. I’m reasonably sure that I heard about this form of concentration strategy on Tim Ferriss’ podcast, but I […]