Ideas to Ramp Up Your Back-to-School Youth Marketing


I’m already thinking (Almost daily!) about BTS 2016. When kids go back to school, they are primed for learning. Why not have that opportunity extend to financial education at a credit union? Here are three fun back-to-school credit union marketing ideas to add to your overall plan that should help you reach your younger members.   1) HOST IN-SCHOOL […]

3 Important Dates for 2016 for Credit Union Marketers

As the Marketing Mammal, I’m tasked with managing the annual marketing calendar of conferences, special events and other important communication-worthy dates that affect our Kids Club partners and our overall business. After we see what’s happening and when, we plan our overall marketing strategy and tactics with the finalized calendar top-of-mind. It’s a very focused […]

“The Fourth ‘R’ – ‘The Real World'”

I recently took part in a conference call hosted by Robert Duvall and the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) announcing their “Report Card – Survey of the States: Economic, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship Education in Our Nation’s Schools in 2007.” The upshot? Kids are not learning what Mr. Duvall refers to as “The Fourth […]

Young Kids and Money: Rich or Poor

My family is always sending me articles relevant to our business, and today’s mail proved to be no exception. My dad, a retired banker, sent me a piece from the June 2007 issue of The Parsippany Monthly. Though the article by Steven Brisgel addresses four topics for “Teaching Children the Financial Facts of Life,” two […]

Lessons for Preschoolers

Numerous parents have asked me if there are any resources on the Web to help them teach their preschool kids about money. One of the best sets of resources I’ve come across, Thrive by Five, is distributed free by the Credit Union National Association. The lessons are super simple (very important for this age group) […]