Ideas to Ramp Up Your Back-to-School Youth Marketing

I’m already thinking (Almost daily!) about BTS 2016. When kids go back to school, they are primed for learning. Why not have that opportunity extend to financial education at a credit union? Here are three fun back-to-school credit union marketing ideas to add to your overall plan that should help you reach your younger members.


1) HOST IN-SCHOOL EVENTS: In this day and age, schools need all the help they can get. Filling up your fall schedule with as many in-school events as you can is important. These events are a great way to do some good, old-fashioned, grassroots credit union marketing. Teachers love the lessons, students have fun doing something a little different and parents feel good that their kids are learning about money. We use our Money Mammals Teaching Kits and school curriculum to keep lessons consistent. You are free to use any of our teaching materials as you plan your own school visits. These tools all pair with our books and DVD. There are also resources out there from NEFE and Jump$tart. If you have a financial education team member on staff, you can even have him or her reach out to local PTA groups to give talks to parents. We’ve done this with great success. Parents are a huge part of the financial education process, so don’t forget about them. 


2) RE-VAMP YOUR BRANCH MATERIALS: You can design fun materials, such as posters, brochures and printables, that have that BTS look and feel (Think: school buses, notebook paper, backpacks, etc.) to display and distribute at your branches. This touch is a nice connection for kids (and parents) to make in your branch as they shift into the school year. Re-introduce the financial education features of your youth credit union marketing program. Talk about any punch card or deposit incentive programs you have. Keep it simple, and let the graphics and the words make the connection.


3) PLAN A SPECIAL PRIZE GIVEAWAY: You can go one step further and offer a small BTS-related prize, such as a branded pencil, to kids who bring completed BTS-themed printables back into your branches. Many of our partners distribute our Money Mammals picture books to their Kids Club members at this time of year when kids return their completed BTS printables. This action reinforces the club’s “share and save and spend smart, too” messaging, encourages Kids Club participation via the printable exercise and get kids reading. It’s a win-win-win!


Do you have any ideas or comments? Please share your thoughts below! Enjoy the rest of summer.


Emily Smith

Marketing + Operations Mammal



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