10 Credit Union Marketing Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

We’re in classrooms all the time with our credit union marketing partners and on our own with our picture books, DVD and curriculum. With the PTA’s Teacher Appreciation Week coming May 8-12, we wanted to share ten easy ideas that you can implement to make the educators in your community feel special and, yep — appreciated!


1. Picture Book Donation

Gift a special teacher a children’s picture book for his/her classroom library. In addition, offer to come to the class to read the book.


2. Teacher Break Room Food

Sponsor a breakfast, snack break or lunch in the teacher break room.


3. Send School Supplies

Gather commonly used school supplies and gift it to the school with a note from the credit union.


4. Teacher Appreciation Day at Branch

Have a teacher appreciation day at a branch. Give away special treats all day in honor of the many great teachers in your community.


5. Banners and Signs

Thank teachers via a printed banner or graphics on the electronic signs in your branches.


6. Ad in Paper

Show your appreciation with an ad in the local paper.


7. Coffee Bar in School

Host a gourmet coffee bar one day at the school.


8. Volunteer

Teachers can always use an extra hand in putting up a bulletin board, grading papers, tutoring a student or judging a science fair.


9. Teacher Appreciation Kits

Make teacher appreciation kits. Good things to include are post-it notes, lip balm, gum, granola bars, lotion, and dry erase markers.


10. Thank You Notes

Tell teachers their hard work is noticed and making a difference to so many kids.


It doesn’t take a lot of money or extreme planning to do one or more of these credit union marketing actitvities, but you’ll feel great and you’ll show that your organization really cares! 


Do you have an idea for Teacher Apprecation Week? I’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below or contact us. If you want to learn more about our credit union marketing program for kids, click here.


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