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John Lanza, creator of The Money Mammals financial education program for kids and author of the “Share & Save & Spend Smart” picture book trilogy, leverages more than a decade of experience in the money-smart movement to bring you his newest book, The Art of Allowance.


The Art of Allowance was written by John to help parents like you raise money-smart, money-empowered kids. Click here to learn more.



Generation X – The Credit Card Kids

  If you went to college in the early 90s, then you’ll likely remember getting an offer from MBNA in the mail. MBNA merged with Bank of America over a…

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3 Things I Learned Raising Money Smart Kids

There are three important things that I learned while teaching my kids money smarts.   Money Smart Lesson #1: There Is Very Little That We Truly Need   My kids…

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Financial Education for Kids – Intensity Not Required

I was chatting with a friend today. She said, “I know you’re intense about your allowance, but…” I stopped her. “We’re actually not all that intense.” (Cue my kids rolling…

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Financial Education for Very Young Kids – Emergent Financial Literacy

  For some reason, I used to ask my seven-month-old “Who’s the Champion?” I’d raise her fists like Rocky Balboa. I’d do it once or twice a week for my…

John Lanza and Granddad - 1978

Financial Education for Kids – Great Advice from Granddad

My Granddad was one of the most money-smart, money-confident people I ever met. I’m dedicating my upcoming book on allowance to him.   His best piece of advice to me…

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Financial Education for Kids – Just Get Started

Rather than overthink your exact plan of action, just find a simple plan and get started.   Need a simple plan? Here you go.   Don’t get too caught up in…

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Financial Education for Kids – We’re Making a Choice

  Whether we decide to pursue teaching our kids to be money-smart from a young age or not, we’re making a choice.   If we decide not to actively teach our children financial education,…


How an Allowance Can Prevent Your Teenager from Breaking an iPhone – AGAIN!

How an Allowance Can Prevent Your Teenager from Breaking an iPhone – AGAIN!   What makes a great neighborhood party guest? The neighbor with the scoop on local gossip? A…


It Won’t Make You Happy: Advice from a Reformed Spending Junkie

I’m a reformed spending junkie. Back in the 1980s, I made routine runs to the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, New Jersey, to buy pens at the Koenig Art Emporium. We…

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3 money-smart skills you should teach your child earlier than you might think

  Start financial literacy lessons early — and I don’t mean as a Freshman in high school. Research suggests you should teach kids to be wary of consumer products and…