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 We help parents help their kids become money-smart.





It all began with a simple question. “How can we raise our kids to be money-smart?” My wife and I knew this was something we wanted for our then six-month-old. The more we looked into the concept, the more it became obvious that starting young, keeping the messaging simple and making it fun for kids was essential. We also quickly realized that this was bigger than our family. Financial education for kids was something for families everywhere.


Then the Great Recession happened. Many more moms and dads realized that they needed some way to protect their kids from such the dangers of our consumer-oriented society. The Money Mammals mantra of “We’ll Share & Save & Spend Smart too!” introduces kids and families to the simple choices we face anytime we have to deal with money. Financial literacy for kids begins early and starts at home. We help families start the money-smart learning process from a young age because research strongly suggests the importance of starting early. Kids are taught to be dutiful consumers, spenders, very early. They are targeted by advertisers at the ripe young age of two.


We help parents provide financial education for their kids by focusing on these three foundational concepts:


  • Understanding the difference between needs and wants  
  • Making smart money choices like sharing (charitable giving)  
  • Saving and spending smart; and saving for goals (delayed gratification)

These are the pillars of financial education for kids. You can read more about them here.


We make money smart learning fun for kids with our books, engaging apps and other engaging products. We also provide materials to help parents guide their kids through the process of becoming money comfortable from a young age. We partner with credit unions via our Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club program to help them reach families and schools with our money-smart messages on a broader scale in communities across the country.



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