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Don’t wait to teach your kids money smarts. Like reading, financial literacy begins at a young age. Our material for families can help parents help their kids and our credit union marketing and education program can help communities get money smart.

Our youth marketing program can provide your family or credit union with a financial education platform for kids.

Money Mammals live financial education workshop for kids

Money Mammals iPad app teaching kids about money

Money Mammal Joe teaching kids about money


The Money Mammals are about financial education for kids. We do this by providing materials for families and by partnering with credit unions to help them reach families and schools in the communities they serve. With our live shows, creative services team and catalog of wonderful customized products, we help our partners develop a credit union youth marketing plan that is rooted in helping kids build smart money habits from a very early age.


Our entertaining and educational suite of products includes financial literacy apps for kids, online games, award-winning picture books and videos. We also provide online material and products like our Money Mammals for the Family Kit to help educate parents about how they can raise money smart kids.


Join The Money Mammals movement. Start young. Make financial literacy learning fun. Employ an effective allowance program at home. We can raise a generation money smart, money comfortable kids.


Make A Difference


See our Chief Mammal discuss why money smart learning starts at a very young age.

Media Recognition

The Money Mammals money smart messages are helping to make a difference. Watch and listen for more on our YouTube Channel.




Watch a clip from the video that started it all!


The Money Mammals: Saving Money Is Fun DVD was the first video to make financial education for kids actually fun.